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Massive in size, City of the Dead boasts an intense journey through ultimate horror. At just over 30,000 square feet in size, IT IS THE LONGEST AND LARGEST INDOOR HAUNTED HOUSE IN DENVER and has been voted the BEST DENVER HAUNTED HOUSE 9 years running! Check out our reviews and awards here on our website, on Facebook, or on Google and you will see why City of the Dead is voted the best haunted house in Denver.

From the moment you step out of your car at the Mile High Flea Market you will feel the intensity of Denver’s most terrifying haunted house attractions. The sheer size of the event with its intense sounds, smells, and sights have some running back to their car before they even get inside! Did we mention the Zombies in the parking lot waiting for you? Don’t miss the scariest haunted house in Denver this Halloween season!

With three separate attractions, City of the Dead offers the best experience and value for haunted houses in Denver.  Vampires, Demons, Zombies, and Undead creatures cause your blood to run cold as you try to make your way through their demented world. Throat dry from all that screaming? We’re the only Denver haunted house to serve beer!! Have a few cold ones as you’ll want something to calm your nerves before you enter City of the Dead.

How do we manage to remain the best haunted house in Denver? Each year, our insane design team ratchets up the terror by expanding our attractions with brand new animations, sets, paths and special effects that will horrify and amaze.  For 2017, we have completely rebuilt City of the Dead and Curse of Darkness from scratch to bring you 2 brand new haunted houses never seen before!   Our passion to bring you the most exciting and unforgettable haunted house experience in Denver drives us to take the intensity to the next level and keep you coming back for more!

Voted time and again as Denver’s best haunted house, City of the Dead is ranked as one of the “Must See Top 31 Haunted Houses in America” by Haunted Attractions Magazine 2 years in a row and has won numerous awards from haunted house industry-leading publications.  Denver haunted houses haven’t been the same since City of the Dead debuted.

Purchase your tickets today for the terror-inducing experience at the gold standard for Denver haunted houses.  City of the Dead.  Multiple attractions at 1 location for 1 low price!