City of the Dead Featured on Westword Haunts List

Perhaps it is safe to go into the water, but it might not be safe to enter the City. City of the Dead, that is. City of the Dead haunted...

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Getting in the mood for your haunted house visit

While thinking about an upcoming visit to the City of the Dead Haunted house, I recall when I was a young kid and my grandmother filled my head with spooky...

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The best things happen at a haunted house

We can think about lots of reasons to visit the City of the Dead Haunted House this season. Here is our Top 5 List of the Best Things That Happen...

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Most Haunted Places in Colorado – #4

Although Colorado is not the oldest state, it certainly has its share of haunted places. Join us here over the next five days as we count down through five of...

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Best Haunted Houses in Denver 2013

Wondering where the best haunted houses in Denver are located? Come inside the City of the Dead, voted one of the “Best Haunted Houses in Denver” again in 2013. Not...

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