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It takes one to know one: City of the Dead haunted house counts down five of the most haunted places in Colorado.

Although Colorado is not the oldest state, it certainly has its share of haunted places. Join us here over the next five days as we count down through five of the most haunted places in Colorado:

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Most haunted places in Colorado:  Haunted Place #4

Haunted location #4 on our list is so spooky that even the man who originally built the house, a Chateauesque style mansion in Capital Hill, took one step into the home and was so shaken by the experience that he never returned.

Its coordinates are: N 39° 44.015 W 104° 58.874

From Haunted Colorado: “Over the next century, the house served many purposes–a dance studio, radio station, boarding house and eventually, an office building. That’s when strange things really began to happen. People began seeing floating bats. Office equipment turned on automatically.

The madness reached its apex when two Doberman Pinschers who were guarding the premises were found dead on the sidewalk. Something in the house had frightened them into jumping out of a third-story window. What evil forces could have frightened the poor canines? A séance revealed that the body of a young girl was interred within the walls of the mansion.”

Other factors that make this #4 on our list of Most Haunted Places in Colorado are the unexplainable drafts that emanate from the mansion’s depths, as witnesses by hundreds of guests and residents. In addition, paranormals who have visited the manse say that there is so much paranormal activity, that it is often difficult to distinguish between the dozens of voices on recordings.

“…I finally got the tape and from what I can hear it’s some of the craziest stuff ever. Like, Krista will pick something up and say “Oh, I’m getting a woman named Rosemary, Rosemarie, something Marie, Mary? You know, I don’t know” and you hear a pause and there’s this whisper that’s like, “Rose.” The voices answer you when you are in the room.

Not surprisingly, the haunted sandstone castle has driven many of its occupants from each of the four floors for various reasons.

Agree that this is one of the most haunted places in Colorado?

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