Halloween Denver Events that spook, scare and send chills up your spine

halloween denver events 2013
As Halloween quickly approaches, here at the City of Dead we are thinking about this year’s Halloween Denver events. We know lots of you are searching for Halloween Denver events that will spook, scare and send chills up your spine – so here are some of our favorite parts of the City of the Dead Haunted House:

1. Our entrance. Yes, we know – it is just an entrance…but it is spooky because you might wonder if stepping through the spooky entrance means that you cannot escape this spooky Halloween Denver events masterpiece.

2. The butcher shop. It’s a meat shop. In a zombie city. It’s spooky and scary and if it does not send chills up your spine, then you must be one of them.

3. The donut shop. It smells like donuts – sweet, yummy…but the resident zombie is not sugar and spice and everything nice.

4. The cemetary. Even the texture of the ground underfoot is creepy. This Denver Halloween events feature is sure to creep you out, regardless of whether its residents are living.

5. The wooden hallway. There are so many crevices and crooks and crannys for things to be staring at you from afar, plus the sound of the clinging metal and chainsaws…

Still looking for the best Halloween Denver events this weekend? Come visit the City of the Dead Haunted House. We’re open every night this week through Saturday, November 2, 2013.